What we stand for

At CEBCoM, we're committed to bringing together the Complementary Medicine community and the best healthcare evidence on all matters related to Complementary Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

We will support the best in CM research, the best education of CM Practitioners, and the best use of evidence by those practitioners because we believe it will provide the best health for everyone.

We love our gadgets, and believe they are the ideal way to gather and deliver information right now. We are building evidence, and that requires open and wide communications. We will listen, and reflect what you tell us back to our community.

There are enemies of Complementary Medicine. And while we intend to keep an eye on them, we believe that moving positively forward with bringing CM into the mainstream will see them wither and fade.

Still, we don't mind a fight if that's what's needed ;)

Features & usage of FoCM App

The FoCM App for the iPad is LIVE and we think you're going to love it. We'd like to take you through its features and how to use it

The FREE FoCM (Friends of Complementary Medicine) App runs only on the iPad for now. We chose the iPad, because it provides the space on screen to show off video and websites. Many features of the iPad App will be available on the iPhone down the line, especially those to capture and share Complementary Medicine (CM) news and join in the community through FaceBook and twitter.

We've made the App in a way that allows us to take on BIG issues as they arise, and provide a type of "one stop" app to lead you to the best information online.



The App in this first version aims to achieve three things (we have much more planned for the future):

  1. Bring together the latest and most important issues, news and research on CM in a simple interface with simple, expert commentary and links to the original information;
  2. Build an online community of public, academics and practitioners who use and support CM, gathering the news and research from that community and spreading it to practitioners and consumers; and
  3. Address, as a community, threats to the advancement of CM, such as threats to education and accreditation of CM practitioners and CM research funding.



1. Registration and Privacy

When you first open the App, we want you to sign on with your real identity.


We know that many in the Complementary Medicine community want to remain anonymous, and certainly do not want junk email and marketing heading to them because they registered. Your registration is safe with us. We are doctors - we know the importance of privacy. We will never pass on your details to any third party unless YOU tell us to.

We ask you to register because we want you to put your name onto the list we hold of Friends of Complementary Medicine. We need to make sure you exist, so that when you sign up, we can guarantee that there is a real person behind the signature. 

Once you have registered and signed up as a Friend of Complementary Medicine, you can go to "Settings" and hit the "Anonymise Me" button. Once confirmed, all traces of your presence disappear from our records and the only record of you is on your iPad.



 2. The Home Screen and Help

Hitting the small "Home" logo on the top right of most screens brings you back here. And, yes, the Home icon does have a solar panel, not a chimney!


Touch anywhere but the Panels on the home screen, and the magical help overlay appears.


3. News screen 

This is the area of the app where you can find the latest news on Complementary Medicine, including politics, research and great links to important information. On occasions, we will be devoting this area to a single important issue affecting Complementary Medicine broadly and importantly. Oh yes, in version 1.1 there will be blue buttons to denote new material, and a search bar to find old stories.

Tap any item on the left, and right side of the screen provides a window on the PDF, website, video or other media along with brief comments and a "Star rating" by one of the CEBCoM Doctors. Tap the "grow big" button, and the content goes full screen and live, allowing you to fill out surveys and browse without ever leaving the FoCM App.


Not only can you share the link to all these items on social media,

you can contribute your own stories, research or bothers directly within this area. We will always acknowledge the source of any stories which we run in the News area, so you have a chance for fame (but, sadly, little fortune!) 


4. FoCM is all about Community 



We have a unique way for you to sign up to be part of the Friends of Complementary Medicine community, whether you are a practitioner, academic or health consumer. Not only can you sign on, you can let us know why you support Complementary Medicine. We need not just numbers, but the stories that move people to choose Complementary Medicine. It's quick and easy and you'll have signed up in 30 seconds (maximum 2 minutes for practitioners and academics, as we need some proof of your status).

Your signup allows us to take on the unreasonable and unreasoned critics of Complementary Medicine with the membership and the reasons for your choice. The Academics and Practitioner signups add even more weight.


And although you can sign on only once, we have a way of letting friends put their name and email in, and sign up without buying the App. You can act to collect Friends for free.




5. Managing threats

And we do need the eyes and ears of the community on the threats and opponents of Complementary Medicine. We are not bothered by reasoned and reasonable criticism - that's part of building the evidence and a very important part of science. But we take issue with the philosophically opposed academics and practitioners who seem to be unwilling or unable to accept the change from passive patients to informed healthcare consumers. When they fight quality education and research funding, they are not friends of either science or medicine.


 Download the App now, and join in an exciting community approach to Complementary Medicine