About CEBCoM
Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 5:16PM
Mark Donohoe
CEBCoM is short for the Centre for Evidence-based Complementary Medicine. We are a group of three Australian medical practitioners with over 100 years of combined experience in Complementary Medicine (CM) and Integrative Medicine (IM).
We are Dr Joachim Fluhrer, Dr Mark Donohoe and Dr Emmanual Varipatis.You can find out more about us on our CEBCoM website.
CM is often termed Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) outside Australia. We believe the term, "alternative" can be divisive and worsen the plight of health consumers who feel the need to chose between two "alternatives". We see Western Orthodox Medicine and CM currently as separate, but moving towards a more "integrated" model of healthcare in which all health modalities and practitioners receive education in the history and philosophy of traditional and modern healthcare systems and cultures, then move into healthcare in their chosen areas with full awareness of and respect for their healthcare colleagues. 
The best outcome would be a seamless, affordable and sustainable healthcare system from conception to the grave, with a much greater focus on prevention and early, simple intervention, achieving the dual outcomes of a long and healthy life.
The three doctors who run CEBCoM come from a background of primary care practice, so we are well aware of the limitations of double-blind trials and meta-analyses in their conversion to useful outcomes for health consumers. 
Some years back, we decided that all health care should be backed by appropriate evidence. We realised that the level of evidence required for chemotherapy drugs was very different to that required for, say, chamomile tea before bedtime. We need to assemble the evidence appropriate to the modality, product, procedure or advice. Overdoing the evidence can make simple and safe interventions unaffordable, as trials and research cost a lot of money. But a bias of evidence or a lack of evidence can be very dangerous as well, as we now know from HRT and Vioxx disasters on the medical side.
The job, as we see it, is to put medicine back where it works best - in disease diagnosis and treatment - and identify those low cost, safe and simpler prevention and early intervention which have been the strength of Complementary Medicine for centuries.


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