What we stand for

At CEBCoM, we're committed to bringing together the Complementary Medicine community and the best healthcare evidence on all matters related to Complementary Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

We will support the best in CM research, the best education of CM Practitioners, and the best use of evidence by those practitioners because we believe it will provide the best health for everyone.

We love our gadgets, and believe they are the ideal way to gather and deliver information right now. We are building evidence, and that requires open and wide communications. We will listen, and reflect what you tell us back to our community.

There are enemies of Complementary Medicine. And while we intend to keep an eye on them, we believe that moving positively forward with bringing CM into the mainstream will see them wither and fade.

Still, we don't mind a fight if that's what's needed ;)

The TGA "Consultation Regulation Impact Statement" issue

We want you all to know about this TGA regulation impact statement, and we are devoting our FoCM App  exclusively to this process until the deadline for submissions on 19th July. We have a very limited period of time to approach the TGA with input on the potential negative consequences of the proposed changes, principally The Option 2 of Proposals 5 and 6 on page 42 of this document.

We urge naturopaths, herbalists, homoeopaths and other natural health modalities not nationally registered to express their concerns and provide input to the TGA before 5PM Friday 19 July 2013 (it was extended a week after pressure). Electronic submissions in MS-Word format are preferred and should be emailed to Details of how to do this can be found at this TGA page.

Read our take on the details of this proposed change in regulations here, or the longer story and background here. If you're as concerned as we are, take our survey on your response to the TGA Options, and we will use these results to inform our own response using your contributions.

Option 2 of the Proposals seek to limit the types of "advertising" on medical devices and therapeutic products to homoeopaths, western herbalists and naturopath to advertising available to the general public. The TGA separates these practitioners, who have not become part of the national registration process in Australia, from those others such as doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners who are on the national registration program.

Act now. Learn the details, then take our survey and add your own personalised TGA response in the text field at the end of the survey.  


Welcome to the CEBCoM iPad App (iPhone apps are coming).

Our first app for the iPad is now available - the "Friends of Complementary Medicine" (FoCM) App is a FREE iPad App which has been designed to gather and deliver news and evidence about Complementary Medicine to the community. We want to help build a strong and vibrant CM community and the App provides one way of bonding and defending CM.

Just search for "FoCM" on your iPad or in iTunes on your computer. Or click this link.

The full details of the App and how to use it are here.

If you're involved in Complementary Medicine (CM) or Integrative Medicine (IM), especially in Australia, we have some amazing iPad and iPhone Apps in store for you. At the Centre for Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine (CEBCoM), we are committed to building evidence in the natural healthcare area, and delivering that information to you wherever and whoever you are. Yes, we are medical practitioners, but the CEBCoM doctors have more than a century of experience in CM and IM behind them. 

We will soon be delivering Apps to help you find the best qualified registered healthcare professionals in Australia to look after you. These apps will all be FREE. And updated regularly with the qualifications, credentials and expertise of those professionals. We want you to know the best trained healthcare practitioners for you and your family. And we believe that the education of those practitioners, and quality research in Complementary Medicine, are important keys to your best health. 

If you have any questions or comments, let us know